About All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project (AICMIP)

All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project (AICMIP) was the first coordinated project under the ICAR system to be started in 1957 for organized research in maize improvement.


Enhancing the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of maize and maize-based farming systems with economic and environmental sustainability.


  • Execution of strategic and applied research for genetic improvement in yield, quality and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Development of varieties and hybrids with emphasis on single cross hybrids of different maturity durations to fit into kharif, rabi and spring cropping seasons and maize-based cropping systems for location specific conditions in different parts of India.
  • Development of efficient package of practices for increasing productivity
  • Tailoring maize for diversified uses for industry and special purposes in other sectors such as Quality Protein Maize, Baby corn, Sweet corn, Bio-fuel, etc.
  • Strategic research on post harvest handling and value addition of maize.
  • Maintenance, development and evaluation of germplasm for use in breeding.
  • To organize breeder seed production programme for maize hybrids and cultivars.
  • To organize on-farm research to reduce the yield gap between attainable and realized yield on farmers fields.